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Studio Sara Santos is a design company founded by Sara Santos. We help businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers create brands, websites, and editorial designs that stand out from the crowd. From full brand concepts, website, and style guides, through to design refreshes and print ads, We will work with you to create engaging designs that shine the best possible light on your products or services.

Vision & Mission.

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Good design is not just something that looks beautiful, but something that can quickly and clearly communicate its purpose. Whether that is an idea, a message, or a feeling, our mission is to understand exactly what it is your brand needs to convey, so that we can create a design to fit. We want to help your business succeed with designs that are simple yet effective.


About Sara Santos.

I am a passionate creative designer from Spain, currently based in Buenos Aires. I graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Salamanca, and have since then the pleasure of working with clients in the design industry all over the globe. From Switzerland, Spain, Germany, and Belgium, through to New York, I work with businesses of all sizes, helping to create distinctive brands and websites.


As both an artist and a designer, I believe I bring a unique perspective to design projects. I like to combine the emotion and beauty of art with the function of design to create pieces that leave a lasting impression, and clearly communicate their purpose.


When I am not designing, I love to go out into nature, learn new languages, and eat banana ice-cream.


I love to work with clients across a range of different industries.

Here are just a few examples of brands Studio Sara Santos has collaborated with.


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